We are an idea based production studio. Creative ideas, scripting and understanding of brand is key to our offering.
Most of our projects are turnkey where we have been involved from concept to on air TVCs.
WRITE   This is the purest part. Where ideas are born and the essence established.
We participate in the scripting process and believe this separates us from most production factories.
PRODUCE   Broad international production experience and key relationships with subterranean facilities allow us to work seamlessly across markets. Our films are currently running in markets like Sweden, Finland, Germany and Italy. We have invaluable experience in Guerilla style film-making having shot in extremes of the Arctic Circle in minus 30 conditions for multinational brands.
DIRECT   We take the ideas forward into film writing and making process without losing perspective on the original intent. Our clients are most reassured by the fact that their core message will not get hijacked in the making process.
ANIMATION   High level animation for most demanding and tech savvy markets in Europe have been conceived and developed using talent in India and across the world.